🎙️ The Let’s Get PROPERTY Podcast.

We get your property question answered and discuss all aspects from the best UK property experts out there. Check us out on YouTube, and on instagram.

The Let’s Get Property Podcast, hear from the worlds leading property experts 🌍

Listen and hear your property question answered direct from the best property experts in the UK – and Internationally (keep watching). Speaking with the experts in all things from property tax, property law, and all other topics just shows me how much there is to share.

There is so much to learn from others, and the people that surprise you the most, tend to be the ones you least expect.

We launch a new podcast episode every other Thursday, both on YouTube and via your favourite podcast app.

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❤️ hearing and sharing your story, let’s have an awesome discussion.

I’ve been in the space of personal development, coaching, and philosophy for years. I love to listen to other peoples perspectives with an open mind, coming from a place of understanding and learning.

I recently started this video & podcast series in addition to documenting my journey, as something I’ve been developing for years. Now as I continue to expand my knowledge, I am sharing that journey, those discussions, the lessons, and doing my best to ensure your property question is answered.

So here I am, and it’s one I thoroughly enjoy, having been in the property space for over 20 years personally. I am now working with a passion to talk with the best experts out there, let’s get a podcast with you out there!

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Listen. Watch. Share your voice as the leading expert. Reach out and let me share your story with a new audience.

I enjoy connecting with others, understanding your story, and sharing your success with others. What better way to have engaging and interesting property interviews and discussions!

I am inviting new guests to talk to; property tax-advisors, investors, professionals, accountants, experienced mentors, software developers, contractors, builders, solicitors, council staff, residential agents, commercial agents, course creators, and the list just goes on.

Share your voice, whatever you do, let’s talk. That way, we can take care of the selection process, confirm schedules, logistics, and any requests. Choose whichever option is convenient for you.

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