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Sharing the best UK’s best Property Experts.

Welcome to welcome post of what we are working to create; the best source of UK property experts nationwide. We are Let’s Get PROPERTY, where the experts feel at home to share their voice, you gain knowledge, and discover the movers and shakers of today, and tomorrow.

We are giving our best to create the best possible source of content, guides, posts, videos, podcasts, the best email subscription, and much more planned as we continue this mission to share the UK’s best property expertise – in residential and commercial sectors.

The spark that started it all.

I am Vijay, an observer of people doing property successfully from the sidelines for a long time. Previously I had the mindset that I would wait to be ready, when at some point I would have a bag full of money and only then could one dare to dream to get into property.

However this flawed way of thinking was recently shattered, completely. On the advice of someone I met through a friend of a friend, I was told to go develop my level of property knowledge to learn more. This is where things started changing for me rapidly, learning from people who are actively playing.

I won’t pretend to be on any type of mission to be the world’s best property expert, it’s simply not a goal of mine. However I am passionate about stories, journeys, sharing my journey, and that of others. I am a fan of doing the best work possible at all times, something that I would be excited to show anyone as an example of my work with the grace of God.

I have come along way but instead of proving why I need to improve my writing skills, you can listen to me sharing my story on YouTube and on a podcast I have started.

Listen on podcast and youtube or if you want to sell your property or invest with us, get in touch.

Welcome to Let’s Get PROPERTY – Home of the UK Property Experts

P.S. This is the first post ever! 🤩

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